Aura Sight novel

AuraSight is my recently self-published fantasy fiction novel. It is about a woman named Rae born in a society of people who can see aura energy and manipulate it. Because of this sensitivity they can also see other spirits, some minor elementals and some high level beings of great strength. Rae’s abiltity is stronger and as a result she can not only see spirits but she can speak to them, but this added sensitivity makes her sensative to light, sound and prone to migraines. She is shunned by her people and leaves to find her way in the world. The story has a bit of a romantic element in it, as Rae meets and travels with an Incubus; a man with an Incubus spirit intertwined with his own.

See the Aura Sight page to see a preview of the first chapter.


Buy E-book for $6.00


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