Soul Dancer

The novel I have recently finished is called Soul Dancer and I am now moving into the third or so edit. I do not plan on self-publishing this one, and so will be working up a few queries to send out. Fun stuff. Sometimes that marketing part is what can be most intimidating. It is a time consuming process… that is seeking an agent and/or a publisher. A lot of wait time for a response, which obviously are 99% rejections of some sort. I find it tricky to find an agent. You are offering them to take you on based on one novel. I wonder how they could choose you from that one sample. Most of my works vary within the fantasy genre. It would make more sense to send them more than one query so they get a taste for what you have to offer. But I don’t make the rules. But for example, one of the novels I have near completion is a urban fantasy in the first person, which is quite different from the more swords and sorcery fantasy which Soul Dancer could be classed as in limited third person.

Maybe I ought to choose which sub-genre to seek publication on and which to self-publish.


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