the quest

And the Hunt is On…

With my completed novel, Soul Dancer, it is time to start sending out queries to agents. So very fun. But I have a query letter all lined up and ready to go. The hunt is now to find agents to send them to.

I found one, by looking at who they have published before, that might bite. As with most it is a US agency and they only accept queries by mail. The agent I chose it is a query plus first ten pages. Since it is by mail, it might be the last one I hear from. I really quite prefer email queries, saves me trying to figure out a SASE for out of country.

I did also send it to an agency in Canada, because I liked the agent… and because it is Canadian. Originally I sent the Afflicted to them and they liked it, but not quite enough to take it on. The Afflicted is not the sort of novel that would appeal to many, I think, a little too odd to be marketable… but fun to write. Soul Dancer is more a straight forward fantasy, a bit darker as well, plus more reflective of my style in that genre. I am more light hearted with my urban fantasy, maybe, or maybe I like dark. That was an email query anyway, so I should get a response in a few weeks from her. Keep your fingers crossed for me…

Now I just have to find about ten more that handle fantasy novels and we will be set to go… For some reason I prefer female agents, maybe because the romantic elements I have been including in most novels lately and thus my target audience would be women 18-40 really.

Now on my other bloggerblog, which I whine about the trials of trying to get published, I do tend to post the rejection letters, but not the agent or publisher that sent them. Just to share my pain, but not a negative reflection on the agency at all. I will likely do the same with this set… so look forward to share my pain. I will keep the ice cream and chocolate on hand in preperation for the event. Keep your fingers crossed for me…


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