Soul Dancer

The next blog a novel I have chosen is called Soul Dancer. In this fantasy fiction story the main character evolves as she struggles with her own nature.

Soul Dancer, involves the struggle between the ruling class of mages and their magically bred warriors, the Nyxra. The mage born rulers, the Creed,designed the Nyxra using the offspring from two races, human and Angithic, then infused the essence of a third race called the Nyxi.
However, when Shakti, a Nyxra assassin is sent outland on assignment
she discovers her target to have the same energy scent as her people and questions whether to complete the task. Her instincts tell her these strange pale Angithic are near-pack and therefore allies.
When Shakti, a Nyxra assassin, enters the foreign land of Nyishitar it is
with the task to kill a native child. The Creed mages enslave her people
using the Atrumis drug, the only treatment for the Madness that afflicts her kind and she uses any opportunity to seek someone who can manufacture it. . Shakti makes an uncomfortable alliance with the race called the Angithic and a man named Daithi. They spare her life in order to obtain information and in return they will provide her with the drug she needs. What drives Shakti is freedom from her mage masters and she aims to do everything she can to achieve that goal


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