Poster made for last year’s All hallow’s read competition. Got amongst the top three 🙂

Still love this so much!

lol. Well this is one solution to my book hoarding problem… but I don’t exactly think my reading tastes would be that great for kids. Mind you, I was reading adult fantasy fiction at a young age and raiding my Dad’s book shelves. Nevertheless, I hoard those books because I want to read them again and again and again. I know, its called hoarding for a reason. I do have a few shelves for donation… so its not a problem yet. Yet. And I do buy ebooks… to lessen the load. However, if books were the same price a chocolate bars I totally would buy a boat load of them to give out at Halloween… I firmly believe in encouraging children to read. Without an imagination the brain is stagnate and we will create a generation of zombies. And we all know what happens then… zombie apocalypse.


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