Why does one feel so different at night? Why is it so exciting to be awake when everybody else is asleep? Late—it is very late! And yet every moment you feel more and more wakeful, as though you were slowly, almost with every breath, waking up into a new, wonderful, far more thrilling and exciting world than the daylight one. And what is this queer sensation that you’re a conspirator? Lightly, stealthily you move about your room. You take something off the dressing-table and put it down again without a sound. And everything, even the bedpost, knows you, responds, shares your secret…

-Katherine Mansfield (via picnicminded)

Obviously like me she was a true insomniac… as the night progresses the mind gets more alive and alert. I am a night person in every sense of the word. Including the fact I loath light. If it were not the fact that most job require a person to get up at an insane time in the morning it would not be a problem at all. However, in the morning I’m a brainless zombie who cannot comprehend the English language and has an extreme problem with motor function. Also cannot apparently match my socks.


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