– Selected Letters of Friedrich Nietzsche.

I find it odd that he even writes like that in letters… but then writing letters is clearly a lost art… (I say as I write a quick blog post to random people). He is one of my favorite philosophers for a few reasons. One of which is I love him as a writer. He is more eloquent than most. Most philosophers stuff a lot of words and concepts together and still manage to say very little in a great deal of space… and I must say some of them are torture to read even if their theories are brilliant. I loved his passion as well… even if he was clearly very cynical. I was very young when I read him. I never read anyone else’s critics or interpretations. I never read anything about the context of when he was writing, his personal history or any rumors about his life. So what I read likely was interpreted in an entirely different way that others have said, as I learned later in life. Nietzsche is unique in my mind in that I get something more each time I read him.


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