Different Kinds of Readers.

The Devourer: Each book is a snack for this kind of reader–but it doesn’t mean that s/he won’t enjoy each book just as much.
The Lover: Books read by this kind of reader are read in hidden, stolen moments at the most unexpected times.
The Slow Dancer: Books are a treat that this kind of reader savors. Slow and steady wins this reader’s race, as his/her eyes take in and taste each and every word.
The Addict: Books are a conquest to this kind of reader. S/he will buy more books than s/he can read, but s/he will ALWAYS have something to read.
The Classic: Books of the past are a gift to this reader. Prose in the style of early contemporary authors, or stories written long ago, are favorites for this reader.
The Die-Hard: Genres are a way of life for this reader. S/he finds a niche and sticks to it–veering from what s/he knows for short bursts of time.
The Advocate: This reader is a lover of books. S/he is not just a reader, but an advocate of reading–hoping that the future will contain more readers.

What kind of reader are you? Add on if you wish!

I guess I am an Addicted Die-Hard. 🙂 I love Fantasy but occasionally dip into horror or romance because they can have sub-genres that are fantasy and, well, am an addict and I need my fix. As long as it as the elements of Fantasy in it… I love it. The real world has no appeal to me. I get enough of reality living in it. I need escapism in my books. That is not to say I have not read some fine general fiction and that I do not enjoy non-fiction, but to me non-fiction does not count… I love reading philosophy, but to me that is brain food and I read it for entirely different reasons. I’m definitely an Advocate as well… I what writer and avid reader is not? I love talking about books to other people. Love sharing them. Thrust them upon people. Insist the book is better than the movie ever could be. Believe strongly that reading to children will encourage them to read and reading will inspire their imaginations and increase their vocabulary.


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