We are the same person. It’s official.

She is my spirit animal


I love reading. So the debate just doesn’t work for me. I get it because I am darn close to hoarding books. I also love the feel of them, the look of them and the scent of them… but I don’t lick them. Gotta draw the line somewhere. I hate reading on a computer screen but the Kindle has the nice not glare screen that does not stab my photosensative eyes, so I can read in comfort as usual and it is light…. therefore, as long as the comfort is there and it doesn’t take away from the experience I’m there. I love the fact… way too much… that I can download the next book in the series in a second. I love the fact that if the nearest bookstore, which is not near by any means, has book 1 and book 3 and book 5 but nothing else I can fill in the gaps with Kindle books. I love the fact that I have well over two hundred Kindle books and not nearly enough space in my book room to accommodate than many books… even with my yearly culling. I just don’t like that I can’t See them. I mean, when i run out of books to read which happens way too often and I have no money to spend then I will re-read… and I like to browse which series to read again… like you would in a book store. Look at the cover and remember the story… look at the back and refresh your memory. And you can’t really do that with a stored file quite so easily. Maybe with favorite authors, but I can’t remember that many names and titles. Nor do I really like the fact of having some books physically and some on Kindle… if I do read the series again I think I don’t have the book when in fact I do on Kindle, but then I have to search for it. All digital or all physical is easier… but when you are right into a series and you really want that next book it is so easy to just download it…. and then next three while you are at it. Generally with my favorites I buy them though because I want to own them, want to see that I have them… want to re-read them repeatedly. Clearly I read an insane amount though. And I own just as many books on the Kindle as I do physically at any given time… but the difference is every year I absolutely have to give books to charity because I have no space for them but on the Kindle, I can hoard to my hearts content (and just delete the crappy ones). Would I like to see books disappear in favor of just ebooks… hell no. I love books. But do I love the option and the variety, definitely. I also love all the new authors out there… there are some just ebook series I have read that are awesome and very decently priced as well. And certain times of the year Kindle has sales that are freaking awesome as well. Then there are the promotional sales. I mean even before I had a Kindle I liked buying books online so I’ll take advantage of a good book sale.


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