ALL of this. Encourage people to try new words, to mess them up, to experiment with vocabulary, to learn complicated adjectives and verbs and nouns, because words are fun.

Also, don’t be a jerk.



I read all the Halo books before someone called me out when I read it outloud.

I felt so dumb omg.

I did that with Colonel and conspicuous as a kid lmao 

Colonel and annihilation


I read a vast amount of fantasy fiction as a kid and that certainly wasn’t something that stopped. There really wasn’t much out there in the line of fiction for young people in that genre or any that interested me anyway. So I read through my Dad’s adult fantasy fiction books like the Chronicles of Amber… a favorite series to this day.  My vocabulary exploded long before I ever used those words verbally. So there were a few I mispronounced in my head. It happens. You pick up an insane amount of vocabulary by reading without any effort simply by absorbing it. There are some words I will likely never hear spoken out loud. I use to use a complex vocabulary for my age when I was a teen until I realized my peers often did not understand the words I used and I felt embarrassed having to define them… like somehow I was trying to make them feel dumb, which I wasn’t, those words just came out. Anyway, I didn’t like that feeling that I was making them feel diminished in some way or they perceived me as someone who was arrogant. So I started to just choose different words that were not so… fun to use. I loved to use interesting words. Loved the flavor of them. The very texture of them. And it is a pity at that age I felt I needed to downplay that. I say use the full extent of your vocabulary. Explore it and develop it. And maybe there will be a few mispronounced ones along the way, but there is nothing wrong with that.


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