Can’t believe someone had the audacity to plagarize Lilith Saincrow

I hate it when that happens. The first time I know of it was with a philosophy essay I had put somewhere and wanted to repost but could not because it said was published elsewhere, which clearly I knew it was not. I go check it out… some weird charity was using it as promotion. It was a metaphysics essay… so odd but I suppose it was current in the sense it was on ontology and used references to physics. And since I had no idea if that charity was even Real I politely asked them to remove it. Which they did. The second time it was with a health article and well, that person seemed to not be active so they never did remove it. I just rewrote it.
It actually happens a lot. One lady I know runs a health activist blog and her posts were constantly being taken word for word and being reposted on another blog that sold some product. it was extremely frustrating to her and she had asked numerous times for this person to stop.

No one likes being plagiarized but obviously in this day and age it is extremely easy to do. Why a person would actively like to hunt down someone else’s thoughts to then present as their own is beyond me. I’m sure some effort goes into actually finding someone to steal from where they could have actually put into researching and writing themselves. They could take inspiration from the essay, article or post and write their own. They could link to the other person and quote them and then sound like they were at least doing some research or connecting people to other blogs instead of being a complete douchebag. But no… they do a whole copy and paste word for word so it is blatantly obvious they did it. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense because they copy all the links that don’t apply or references that make no sense to that person. Like they didn’t even bother to read what they in fact ripped off. I think it happens way too often but there are far more people who properly source other peoples work and thoughts. We sort of have to put up with the fact some people… simply don’t understand the concept of original thought.

However, I think it is even worse when it is a work of fiction because that comes from the very soul of the author. And someone else just claims all that sweat and tears as their own. And in this case it is a published author they are stealing from here… and not to hand in to their creative writing teacher who might not notice (these days I wouldn’t count on that), but online where that could seriously backfire. In this case not so much a short story but a series of posts that she had planned to put in an ebook… but now? Who knows. She has asked them to politely remove it which is what I always do when I find these things… if I find them. But if they don’t… she could easily tweet the address and have her fans publicly shame the person… which frankly you almost want to do with plagiarizers, right? Have a bunch of fans retweet or go to the site and comment the hell out of it so the person learns a little lesson? Especially if the person had already privately and politely been asked to remove it. A lot of audacity to plagiarize a known author though. I mean plagiarizing unknown authors just as horrible and rude, but people would not recognize the works of unknown authors, an unknown author might not even catch this as often and people wouldn’t care if it happened if the author found out… but fans care.

Flattery is fanfiction. That is flattery. Having writers write about your characters in your world… that is flattery. Because they are in love with the story so much they cannot get it out of their head and they must write more to the story. Plagiarism is someone who can’t write for some reason wanting to use someone else’s words to make themselves look better in some way or another. It is for them and has nothing to do with the author. It is insulting to the author. To the written word itself.

Anyway, Lilith Saincrow has posted the details of the incident here and is following up on it. Which is awesome. This sort of thing should not be put up with. http://www.lilithsaintcrow.com/journal/2013/05/plagiarizing-squirrelterror/


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