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Music and writing

I am currently listing to my playlist called ‘the 80’s’. A fun playlist which always amuses me because while in the 80’s I rather loathed the music but now it makes me all nostalgic. A sign of getting old I’m sure. Or nuts. Or both likely. A total eclipse of the heart. I wonder what it would do to our creativity if in the moment we were to change to type of music we were listening to? I always type to something but choose whatever music I am in the mood for really. Based on whatever mood I happen to be in likely. But what if I decided to listen to some heavy metal… go all Metallica on my writing? Would that subconsciously affect my writing? Emphatically writing. Intensely typing. Or how about my very sorrowful, sappy playlist? Would my characters get all depressed? Or would I? Perhaps not a good idea. I’ll save that for when I need a good cathartic cry. Maybe I should save the heavy metal or heavy classical music for fight scenes… make them real intense with some good background theme music.


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