Pen name

I should mention I write fiction under a pen name. So if you follow me under Google+ that would be under my given name as that seems to be the one social media I have that blends everything together at this point.

I have no particular reason at this point to write under a pen name, but I did have a reason years ago. It was just to keep my professional work life compartmentalized from my writing life to be honest. I had a handle for my health blogging and a pen name for my fiction. All worked out. Then I started writing non-fiction articles and they were under my given name so that blurred the lines a little. And now the more social media there is the more merged the two become. Yet I still have separate social media sites for both my health related interests and my writing related interests. Two Facebook Pages. Two blogs. Two Tumblr accounts. It begins to add up. Just the one Google+ though because honestly at this point it really does not matter.

I suppose it does make a sort of sense to still keep them compartmentalized. I have distinct separate interests with separate groups of followers. Although I don’t think I need a pen name for writing fiction I have gotten used to it. However, if you read any of my non-fiction or see my Google+ account that would be why there is a different name there. Only my fiction novels use the pen name and the corresponding social media of course.

How I chose the specific pen name Michelle Mythe is simple enough really. My middle name is Michelle. Since I was younger and was taking regular mythology classes I chose the handle Myth or variations of that to keep things simple… so it made sense to use a variation of that to associate to various sites I use and even my email address. Thus the Mythe.

Not that I don’t like my actual name. It’s an awesome name. Rocks.



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