I have a thought about some of my early ebooks on works I did years ago. I wonder if they are edited as carefully as I might want. I wonder if they are worth keeping up.

If I could have a good unbiased reader to check out one of the books for me and give me impressions on what they thought overall as well as if there were typos that got in the way of things in order to give me insight as to whether I should keep it up as a ebook, keep it up but edit, or just take it down.

Do you think someone would be interested in being a reader like that? I have a couple old novels I question since they were so long ago. I could set it up so they could be downloaded for free if I could find anyone interested in taking them on.

Or I could just change the status to free and post it here and everyone who wants to could read them and tell me what they think, but I suspect I would not get too many takers on that. Nevertheless I think it would be a good idea to get at least one unbiased opinion on them given I am working quite hard on a series right now and have not had the time to really give them a hard look. It would really irk me if they were inferior quality. I have had that happen before with pay on demand options, which I might add is why I go with ebooks now. I have one book out there that I could not edit, and was not edited according to what they had said, so I had to create a separate ebook for that one. Some companies simply are not worth the effort.

I have three of them if anyone is interested in looking at them. Or any of them.

If I get a comment showing even one person is willing to help me out with this endeavor I will then make a post with the link and coupon to give you where you can download it in any format you like for free. And I suppose my email to contact me with your resulting impressions when you finish.

Awesome thing would be Free book! So that will be cool. And no real effort required other than a review you might post on any site. What you liked or did not like really. Also though if there were excessive typos I need to know that for sure as that would be why I would need to take it down to be edited. If however you believe it is not even worth the effort of keeping up story wise, that would be good to know as well.

I thought I would throw this out there anyway. I don’t have anyone around me to help out with this. My common-law spouse is not a reader… I know, weird, right? I don’t get it either. I try to inflict books on him all the time. Point is, definitely would not get him to help me out with this!


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