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When to let it go

I have finished my most recent novel and am in the process of self-publishing the ebook. It is difficult to know when to let go though. When to say ‘this is done’. I am never quite satisfied. When you first finish the rough draft there is always this intense satisfaction. You feel great and the novel feels great. Masterful if you will. However, once you begin that second draft a sense of dissatisfaction always settles in with me. And if I let that win then a novel will never be complete. And I mean never. No sentence will be perfect enough for me. Nothing will be quite Right.

So it is hard to know when enough is enough. Often I will simply stop and let it sit for a while. Turn to another novel altogether. So that when I go back to it it will be with fresh eyes that will not be quite so embedded within it. I can decide whether it needs more work or I can begin to edit seriously without any direct changes.

But I always wonder when I take my hands off and decide that is it… is it enough? Is it done? Is it quite right?

I guess one never knows until they send it out there, right?


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