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White Witch Where Art Thou? Book sale

Since I will soon be coming out with the next ebook in the series i am promoting the first book just in case people would like to read it. It is called ‘White Witch Where Art Thou?’

It’s never a good thing when demons come knocking on my door especially when they’re blood kin, but being the fae ambassador in Haven comes with some responsibilities. One of my cousins made it to the border realm, mated up with a witch and then managed to ‘misplace’ her. I’m not too fond of my demon relatives and witches are a dime a dozen, but this one has fae blood and that means I’ll find her


You can read the first book for 99 cents with putting this coupon QU96U code into Smashwords until August 20, 2014. The book is usually 1.99 so you save a buck. ‘White Witch Where Art Thou?’

I should have ‘All Drugged Up and Nowhere To Go’ up by tomorrow if all goes well.


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