the process · Writing

The break

I have had this novel on the back burner for years. It has a great concept. A great cast of characters. A great world. Itching the back of my brain for some time.

And yet something never clicked with it.

I would not toss it. I just simply would stare at it every so often. Play around with it. Try it out in 1st person or 3rd. Fiddle around with angles. Something was missing.

Then the break. I realized I needed to firm up what the antagonists real motivations were here. What their aims were. Their end game. What it really took was to alter their timeline to create a good bang.

With that I could complete a real solid plot-line. I know where the story is going and how to get there.

Now I have started it from scratch and I have been burning through the chapters. After all, I know these characters. I know this world. I have had this in my mind for years. I just need to play it out. Day two and I am on chapter seven which is a good pace for me really.

I love it when a novel just falls into place like this. Sometimes they just need to sit with you for a bit. It is not their time. Other novels want to come out and play with you. When it is their time then they will smack you up side the head and demand to be written. Write me, damn you, write me.


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