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Writing Prompt: Alone

10455644_840138782680111_1885421642093888554_nWriting Prompt: Write about the day you knew you were truly alone in the world.

I think that introverts always have a sense of being alone in the world. We also do not have a particular problem with this. We value our solitary time. We are alone but not lonely. However, I would say when I was younger I always had my brother. I felt like it was me and him against the world. No matter what happened we could conquer it. The first time I realized I was alone in this world is when I was dropped off at university. My mom helped move me into that tiny dorm room. I met this roommate for the first time and wondered what it would be like to bunk with someone I did not even know. Considering I do not make friends quickly and can do without most people. My family left and I had this sense of excitement and anxiety for the first time in my life. I was alone. This was my life as an adult. My decisions would affect my life. My choices were my own. It was intimidating and daunting. Yet for this very reason I had chosen a nice small university. I have a chronic illness to deal with and knew that would be stressful to me. I believed less stress would be easier to adjust to. I was actually wrong in this. It turns out I wanted to be like everyone else when I encountered how invigorating university life was. Yet physically I could not and this caused a great deal of physical stress. It took me a year to adjust to academic studies, academic life and a chronic illness. I only felt alone that very first day though with that unclaimed future ahead of me. Once the first step in is taken you immerse yourself in the enviroment.


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