Working on a little non-fiction lately

I write some non-fiction as well as my novels and occasional poetry. The non-fiction is health related at this time. I stated doing in when I was on a leave from work to keep me occupied and continue to do so now that I am on leave from work again. I write for two sites. One is called Examiner which pays me a few pennies for my work and another is a site where I am a guest blogger so it is free.

You know that saying: I can do many things but none of them pay me. That would be me. I do them though because it interests me

Hypersensitivity to non-painful events could be part of fibromyalgia pathology 

is the recent examiner one about a new Fibromyalgia study that has come out.

When thinking about pain is the one recently put on a blog.

Anyway, I have a few more lined up for both sites. In a non-fiction mood lately. I write it first. Do my research, write it up and get it out. Then turn to my fiction.

The guest blogger gig is a new one. It is interesting. I have a style I want to promote on it that is more formal than my own health related blog. Not too formal though. I just want it to be helpful, positive and informative. Not as formal as I do with examiner which is straight up reporting which I hope I have improved on over the time I have been with them.


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