Short life story Prompt


Once upon a time there was a girl who used to stare up at the night sky and wonder about the universe. Was it expanding? If you went to the edge could you go beyond? She often thought about such things. She would read, write stories and think more than play sports because she was always in such pain. A quiet, reserved introvert with such tiring pain. One day she knew she would have to find a job that gave her joy because she could not do anything physical. She went off to university to find questions without answers. How she loved playing with all those endless theories and questions. Philosophy it seemed was the answer to her question. There was a belief she had always held onto; that the pain could take away her body’s ability to function and be a limitation to her but it would not take her mind. She could think, learn and choose the job she desired as a result. She was mistaken in this belief. Pain can increase. People can have more than one pain condition. Pain can multiply. So it did. In the end she attained her Masters but could go no further without some sort of treatment. Treatment though was something she discovered was an elusive thing. It was so silly of her to believe neurologists when they said medication would work and would also work so perfectly. Their confidence was such a lie she learned. She also discovered working with little pain management was a battle she could never win no matter how hard she tried to push through the pain. In the end she had to compromise there as well. Retreat again. Checkmate, pain. So it is she has become a hermit. Then she knew the one thing she had done since she was a child that remained consistent through this story. Her stories. Pain could never take away her stories. In fact, her stories distracted her from the pain. In those worlds she could for a moment not focus on the pain. She could take something back and own it again. Not every piece was stolen. Not every part of her soul need be compromised and pieced out.

My life story is rather depressing laid out like that. Ah, well, was not all that fun living some parts either. However, I expect the insane migraine I have right now might have influenced how I told this tale.


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