I have a little hate right now

For my computer. It is a refurbished computer. Obviously, someone did a poor job on it. I may have to bring it in to the local shop and get it done right.

The Thing, as I now call it, freezes completely out of the blue. You can’t Clt-Alt-Delete. Oh, no, that would be simple. You can’t do anything. You have to hard reboot. And I have been in the middle of two freelance projects the last two times and lost quite a bit of work due to this issue. Not pleased with the Thing.

Second issue, it doesn’t let you get into the damned Thing. It will Not open to the password screen at all. No matter what you do. Heckling doesn’t help. Neither does cursing and swearing. Or begging. Hard reboot again.

Maybe I should just bring my old computer, which is insanely slow and had its own issues with this one to our local computer place and say ‘make me something that works’.



One thought on “I have a little hate right now

  1. From the brief description, hardware wise it could be a thermal issue, motherboard, CPU or ram module.

    Unfortunately, it’s hard to diagnose remotely. As for not coming up to the password screen after a reboot, it could be a bad OS install. But if it always comes up to a password screen from a cold boot (i.e. Powered off long enough for all hardware to cool down) I’d look at a thermal issue first, then RAM, as it’s the easiest to test.

    I know you weren’t looking for diagnostics, but it’s kind of what I do. 🙂

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