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Book: Worlds Away

Here is the new cover to the latest book I have published called Words Away

I went with Pronoun for my distribution. Here is Amazon. Kobo Google Play The other are not up yet.

The novel is about Izzy and Marlin. They are good, close friends. Izzy owns a comic book shop and writes graphic novels on the side. Marlin owns and runs a pub style bar called Orions. Izzy begins to have these vivid dream. They seem like this culture with Native American influences, which isn’t out of range of the norm since she is First Nations. But she has never lived in the culture she was born into. The dreams are vivid though. Of like an alternate reality and they inspire her to write a graphic novel about them. She tells Marlin all about it in her excitement.

Mar isn’t as excited for her. It is a sign she is fragmenting and remembering past the block put into her. Remembering her past. Meaning she will have to be blocked again and he will not be her monitor the next time. Soon he will not see her again for decades and he mourns that. However, another problem has arisen that will delay Izzy’s memory repression and life turn over. Another Abandoned, what Izzy is, has gone missing and her Monitor has been killed by a creature designed to protect the Abandoned. If it is malfunctioning then Izzy cannot be reprogrammed yet and the creature must be found along with the missing Abandoned.

It is first in the series.





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