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Book: The Surge

This is Book 1 In the Rift World Series, I have started called The Surge 

The series gets more complex as it goes along. In the first book, we are introduced to the character, a bit of her history, attitude, the world, and some of the problems within that world. Due to the inherent problems in this society, she comes in direct conflict with the Covenant of Mages over their policies.

Vie’s world is ravaged by Rifts in reality that can cause people to fall through into other worlds and demons to fall into theirs. When she can, she helps return people to her world and demons to theirs. However, her government often enslaves the demons that land in their realm. Vie abhors slavery of any kind, but she lives in a world that enslaves demons from alternate realities to the point of hunting them down in their own worlds. Worlds she can and has traveled on many occasions and seen them in their own lives and lands. When a world she loves and protects has someone kidnapped, she will do all that she can from having their world and their abilities took advantage of. She will save the girl. She will save them all.


Available through all these outlets

This is the first time I have gone beyond just Amazon. To see if that expands readers. I like Amazon for publishing ease, but I know people read on many devices so I decided to go with a company that publishes with them all. Happy reading!


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