My writing pals

  It is National Pet Day! Woot! I have three cats myself, which is plenty trouble right there. We are outnumbered by our cats. That is never a good sign. Charlie He is about 8. Slightly obese. You have to fight for your food at the table because he Needs it. Whatever you are eating he… Continue reading My writing pals


I’m an Atheist but…

I'm an Atheist but I came up with a proof of a gods existence. While trying to sleep. Because that is what insomniacs do. Think weird things. Came up with it a while back but thought I'd share it, because why not? If the many worlds theory is true, then there are worlds with gods, because… Continue reading I’m an Atheist but…


Me too

Women self-reported 553,000 sexual assaults in 2014, according to Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey on Victimization.[1] Women were 10 times more likely than men to be victims of a police-reported sexual assault in 2008.[2] Although both men and women experience sexual assault, women accounted for 92% of victims of police-reported sexual assaults in 2008.[3] Certain… Continue reading Me too