Book Review: A Darkness Absolute

City of the Lost is the first in this new series by Kelley Armstrong. But I didn't know that at the time and you don't really need to read these in order. This isn't a series that hinges on that. Each is stand-alone. But for the relationships going on in the town... I'd like to have… Continue reading Book Review: A Darkness Absolute


Book review: I of Me

Someone read through my entire series and review every book on Amazon! I really do appreciate a written review, but 5 reviews and all 5 stars! I mean Wow! I feel honored to have received such reviews on my books. For your viewing pleasure, I will post the one on the last book in the series (for now… Continue reading Book review: I of Me

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Review: The shifty magic series

The shifty magic series by Judy Teel... I read them all in a couple of days so it is a review of Shifty Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 1),Undercover Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 2),Savage Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 3) The Blurb: Paranormal terrorists attacked the world outing paranormals, who helped fight off the… Continue reading Review: The shifty magic series

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Review: Apocalypse Now Now

Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human was an interesting read. His main character Baxter has a group of friends, collectively called the Spider, that distribute porn around the school. His gang and the other gangs seem to be handling business and he is dating a girl dame Esme. Then his girlfriend goes missing. Around the… Continue reading Review: Apocalypse Now Now

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Review: The Outsorcerer’s Apprentice

Tom Holt is the author of Outsorcerer's Apprentice. A happy workforce, it is said, is a productive workforce. Mmmm. Try telling that to an army of belligerent goblins. Or the Big Bad Wolf. Or a professional dragonslayer. Who is looking after their well-being? Who gives a damn about their intolerable working conditions, lack of adequate… Continue reading Review: The Outsorcerer’s Apprentice

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Book Review: Blink

Blink is by Malcolm Gladwell The blurb:  Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell is a non-fiction book about the unconscious mind. In particular, though the part of the unconscious mind we automatically use to make split-second decisions, what he calls 'thin-slicing'. We like to believe our rational mind weighs facts and… Continue reading Book Review: Blink

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Book Review: The God Argument

I just finished The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and for Humanism by A.C. Grayling and it was quite enjoyable to me. Keep in mind I am a philosophical agnostic who enjoys this sort of discussion but leans strongly towards atheism. It is just that sort of book I can enjoy. Thinking about religion and… Continue reading Book Review: The God Argument


Book Review: Kate Elliott’s Cold Magic

Kate Elliott is a great writer to begin with.  This new series starting with Cold Magic (The Spiritwalker Trilogy) was better than I'd thought it would be.  Now I thought it would be good because of the author, but it surpassed expectations.  First of all, it is written in first person but has the feel… Continue reading Book Review: Kate Elliott’s Cold Magic


Book Review: Chosen An Alex Verus Novel By Benedict Jacka

Chosen (Alex Verus) If you rate a novel based on how you read it so intently you read it all night and finished in the morning then it is a great book. Although I was in a book deprivation state when I got it, so I might have consumed it simply because I was in… Continue reading Book Review: Chosen An Alex Verus Novel By Benedict Jacka