I freelance as a blogger and social media manager.


So I have added my first Fiver Freelance ad. I hope to add more to get some freelance flow going from the side of things. It is for health-related posts and articles since the majority of my experience freelancing is in that area.

Fiverr: Health Blog Posts.


Social Media Management

Social media

I will run your social media for 25/hour or $700 per month.  I do regular content creation, ads and promotions, curate content to share. I will set up accounts and maintain them regularly. I will monitor stats and see what can be improved upon. I will also look at the designs you have for social media and integrate them into one theme. You will receive invoices with the time I spent doing my work and what I was working on (I utilize a work timer so it is solely the amount of time I actually spent working and not guesswork.)

Gig on Fiverr for social media management