Content of an author blog

So you have an author blog as step one to your author platform. This is a good thing. Apparently for an author platform you actually have to have content on your author blog to build an audience. I was blogging whimsically. But that is a no. So I have been blogging regularly on here. Here… Continue reading Content of an author blog

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Ways you know I’m an introvert

I like being an introvert. I like being considerate of my words and being introspective. I love the introverted hobbies I have; writing, blogging, and reading. I can completely entertain myself for long periods of time. I can be alone but not lonely. I prefer small groups of people to hang with and that is… Continue reading Ways you know I’m an introvert

My cat Franky
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Writing: What pets to put into your fantasy

I have written books with pets before. And it is a great concept. I love my pets in the 'real world' so of course, it makes sense some characters would have a pet they adore in their world. In your writing have you considered putting a pet into your fantasy fiction? Here are some pet ideas… Continue reading Writing: What pets to put into your fantasy

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Writer woes: Marketing and the author platform

Writing is my thing. And I write books. Then I self-publish them. And... then what? Book marketing and maintaining your author platform. All skills we learn along the way. Book promotion and marketing I wasted two hours of my life on a video presentation on how to basically how to successfully market your book. It was… Continue reading Writer woes: Marketing and the author platform

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Haven series into print production

I am putting my Haven series into print on Amazon. A few are done already and I will list those below. A few are still in review. Haven Series in print White Witch is the first in the Haven series Where Art Thou? is the second All Drugged Up: Part I is the third They have yet to… Continue reading Haven series into print production