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Articles In Print or with digital magazines.:

Essay in “Migraine Expressions” book called ‘To All Those with Migraines: I, too, share your brain cramps.’

Fine Lines Journal 2016 Vol 25 Issue 1 published Poem Lost Days

Reprint of article ‘Fibromyalgia and chronic pain in danger of being labeled a mental disorder’ in UK Fibromyalgia, April 2013 Issue 2, p12

Fibromyalgia AWARE magazine. Spring Edition: “Finding Slumberland” in 2015, Pg 10

ProHealth: Allodynia and Fibromyalgia

ProHealth: 8 things to consider for depression

ProHealth: I Dreamed Poem

Guest blogging for Migrainechecked.

Moving Through Migraine Intensity
University Blues: Migraines in the Classroom
Vacationing with Your Migraines
Vestibular migraines
Migraine Awareness Month
Food triggers: Hidden and Elusive 
Me Vs the World
The Chronic Migraine Life: Such As It Is